Cultural Resource Room

About the Cultural Resource Room

This room was made possible through the financial support and partnership of the McKimmon Center, Confucius Institute (CI) and Hanban (CI Headquarters).

All of our offices have a commitment to continuing education and outreach and engagement. This space will display Chinese cultural resources, Chinese books for the community to read and check-out, be a quiet place for reflection and create new opportunities for partnerships.

Welcome to All

As the People’s Republic of China (China) is a large and diverse country, there is no way that the books in this space will highlight all elements of Chinese language and culture. These books have been donated and offered as a service for community engagement and awareness. The books mainly reflect mainland China and Mandarin Simplified Chinese. Not all aspects of language or culture are displayed as China has a rich and long history and these items are provided with the intent to highlight some aspects of Chinese language and culture. We encourage visitors to continue more detailed research on their own. None of these books or decorations have any political and controversial intent and thank you for respecting this Cultural Resource Room which we hope that all visitors will feel welcome to visit.

What Does the Room Provide

The Cultural Resource Room provides a space for quiet reflection where you can read and learn about Chinese language and culture. There are language and cultural books to read, decorations to look at and a place for study. If you want to borrow the books we have an online check out system to borrow the book for 2 weeks and we will trust you to return them.  

**Thank you for respecting the books, space, and decorations as they have been donated and we want to preserve them and share them with as many people as possible.

If an NC State class, local school or organization wants to schedule a visit or have a customized class in the Cultural Resource Room please fill out our Collaboration Requests and we will work with you to arrange a visit.

The room can comfortably seat 16 people at desks. We can also move the desks out and students can sit on the floor to accommodate no more than 25 people.

Visit the Cultural Resource Room

The Cultural Resource Room is open when the McKimmon Center is open unless it is reserved for other events. During Monday-Thursday from 9am-3pm, our CI will have a Chinese scholar on duty to help answer questions about the room, about our CI or general language and cultural questions. The McKimmon receptionist can call our CI office (in Suite 210) and if available a professor will come and meet with you. If we have all scheduled events we could be happy to schedule a visit for you with a Chinese scholar.

More Photos of the Cultural Resource Room