Central Carolina Community College (CCCC)

Central Carolina Community College, along with public school systems Lee County Schools, Harnett County Schools, and Chatham County Schools are pleased to partner with the Confucius Institute at NC State University in advancing the outreach of Chinese culture and language. As a result, College and high school students will be provided increased options for language and culture classes. They will have an opportunity to enhance their understanding of China. Businesses and industries that have strong ties with China can also benefit as their employees will have opportunities to further their understanding of Chinese culture, facilitating business communications and establishment of working relationships. Learning opportunities for increased global awareness will also be provided for the community at large through the additional cultural offerings at the College.

Central Carolina Community College will host the Chinese teacher. While the Chinese teacher’s financial support will be provided by the Hanban, the teacher will join the faculty of the Humanities Department, working closely with the Humanities Department Chair, in continuing to enrich the language and culture classes offered by the College. The College will provide an office that is located with easy access to both the Vice President of Instruction and Vice President of Community and Economic Development. This will facilitate necessary conversations for the development of the outreach to the community at large as well as the public schools.

Central Carolina Community College is the first community college in the United States to have a Confucius Classroom. The Institute and Classroom are initiatives of the Chinese Ministry of Education.